Bucket List

  1. share a kiss under the Eiffel Tower (in the rain?!)
  2. learn Italian
  3. speak Italian with mom and dad, and go to Italy again with them
  4. live in NYC for approximately 1 year
  5. live abroad with my husband and first born (hopefully Europe)
  6. go scuba diving in Australia
  7. be invested in happiness, not wealthiness
  8. find the ultimate man, to share the ups and downs with
  9. live fully through God
  10. spend a summer mostly at the beach, living effortlessly
  11. sail my own boat
  12. have a house in a neighborhood, at the beach, in the mountains, and one house abroad
  13. yoga
  14. travel travel travel (to the most exotic places)
  15. have at least 3 kids
  16. adopt the hipster lifestyle
  17. blog- but actually
  18. laugh a lot and surround myself with encouraging friends not people who are always in a bad mood
  19. not get involved with the "fast scene"
  20. have a white house with a white picket fence and the color scheme of yellow and blue

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