•aspiring blogger, teacher, photographer, new york strutter•
•city girl•
•absolutely loves yellow•
•currently catching up on Gossip Girl•
•loves family•
•has a passion for driving•
 •likes cloche hats•
•prefers cold showers over hot showers•
•huge round doe eyes•
•loves traveling•
•been in an all-girls school environment for 5 years•
•a winter baby (and always will be)•
•younger sissy•
•daddy's girl•
•hate cookies•
•wants a hipster, live to the fullest lifestyle•
•wants to live abroad for more than 2 years!•
•BIG italian, irish, scottish, jewish, american-indian, english•
•wants to be a scrapbooker mom•
•always go with size medium•
•hates bridges•
•wishes she went to a camp from a young age•
•loves reading DIYs•

so that's a little bit about me. i hope we can be friends! 


1 comment:

  1. Hey Hey gurlllllllll. I hope you learn to love cookies. A true disgrace culinary society. COOKIES ARE NOMMY