Wednesday, March 13, 2013

College Explorin'

Hey there! So today we traveled from our beautiful little hotel to two colleges- Wake Forest & Duke. But, before I share about the colleges look at the hotel (or should I say manor) that we stayed at! Beyond adorable!

It all felt like a castle! A princess living at her castle!

The Garden

"The Silo Suite"- who wouldn't want to stay there?!

So that was our BEAUTIFUL hotel called the Graylyn. After our wonderful stay there, we headed to Wake Forest. Probably one of my favorite colleges. Just look at these photos...

the new and modern conference center!

on the quad

the modern arts building

the library. wowza!
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other side of the quad.

So that's the beautiful campus of Wake Forest! Now Duke...

So that completes my day of college explorations. phew, what a day. 


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