Sunday, March 31, 2013

Unplanned Best Friend Dates are the Best

I don't know if you know this but I share my birthday with my best friend, Olivia, on January 28th. Well, being the awesome person she is she got me my birthday present on time. I as the procrastinating weirdo did not. And on March 30th, Olivia finally got her birthday present. I got her these pens that she wanted, the peplum top in the following photos, pink 50s sunglasses, and a recycled notebook that reminded me of her.

When my sister and I dropped it off, it felt like me and olivia hadn't seen each other in a week, when really we saw each other the morning before. oh how best friends act. well, we knew just poppin in wasn't enough, so we decided to go get Sweet Frog. yum!

Lexi drove us there and we ate with her and her friend Davis. After nomming, it was time for a photoshoot on that white wall canvas. enjoy these photos!
whatta cutie. 
the struggle is real 

once a diva, always a diva. 

i love her more than anything

we didn't know what to do with our arms.... :)

we cute.

She rocks. She's cool. And she's my best friend.



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    1. Navin-
      Sweet Frog is a frozen yogurt shop. YOu pick your flavor of yogurt and add all the toppings you want! It's very yummy!